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Why I like writing groups

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I knew I needed a writing group. Where I could read my new stuff in a safe environment. I participated in a GREAT writing group in Santa Fe and another good one in Corrales. But I hadn’t found one yet in San Francisco. It all takes time and luck.

Well, I found one. Last Sunday, we met at one members’ house out by the ocean. It was a lovely day and we met in the afternoon. We did a bit of catching up, then we wrote bits about ourselves including 1 lie that the others had to guess. Then we read our new work.

It was one of those magical days — we all seemed to be moving forward in important ways in our lives. The work was compelling and solidly crafted. The support was expressed and felt. It was delicious.

Some don’t want writing groups. Some do. If you do want one, make the effort to find one. Don’t be afraid to leave if it isn’t right for you. But find that support whenever and wherever you can.


Written by phwebnet

May 10, 2006 at 7:26 pm

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