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I have been writing articles for the BAIPA News — and thought I’d post some of them here. I hope they are helpful to you. (May 2008)

I have been working on projects recently where I’m dealing with the business realities of publishing – how to make enough money to pay for all the things needed to build the books and generate the sales. At times it seems difficult, if not impossible, to make it all work, especially because I personally don’t like selling and don’t want to be doing the things it often takes to sell a lot of books. I like writing books. I like designing books. I like managing book projects. I like helping others with their books. That’s where my heart lies.   


All these business considerations are important and to make it all work it takes the use of logic and reasoning, the gathering and assessment of information, and the making of hard decisions.

When I do this I often lose sight of why I am doing this – what lies beneath all my efforts. And when I get involved in the business of publishing I sometimes forget why I write and more importantly, I sometimes don’t make the time to write. I realize I need to protect my creative space – the space to dream, the space to write, the space to just think about books and reading and push away, for a time, the money issues, the “realities” of the business, and to simply appreciate the other benefits I get from just being in the book world.

My point is to suggest you take some time, on a regular basis, to remember – even wallow in – those reasons you are doing this. For some of you, that might very well be the money end of things – to build a big, profitable business or to sell books. For others, the reasons might have very little to do with money or profit – rather, it might have to do with ideas, with the importance of being heard, with designing a beautiful book. Take some time to celebrate that you are doing something you want to do, something you love, something that gives you pleasure and satisfaction – beyond the money.

My reasons for being in the book world all come from my love of books. When I take the time to remember this, when I take the time to write, when I take the time to lose myself in the designing of books, I realize I am where I most want to be. And it’s all worth it.


Written by phwebnet

May 10, 2008 at 4:03 pm

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