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More things the next President can do at little cost

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  • Read Michael Pollen’s article in the New York Times magazine from Sunday October 12th and follow all his suggestions, including:
    • Resolarize the American farm (move away from mono-cultures and oil-based food)
    • Re-regionalize the food system
    • Rebuild America’s food culture by leading by example in the White House – via choice of White House chef and appointing a White Houser farmer
  • Make all agriculture and food policies transparent
  • Look at California and others – see what the states and the municipalities are already doing and support the best ones and entice others into adopting them. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Stop the USA from eavesdropping on US citizens without warrants

  • Establish an energy/ climate czar to manage a transition to the establishment of a supra-agency to manage all the competing agencies and committees that are tangling up a coherent stance on energy and environmental issues. There are more than 5 agencies that are allowed (or required) to establish policies that affect how we generate, distribute and sell energy – from Homeland Security to the Department of the Interior; there are numerous congressional committees that all have a stake and a finger in the pie. This needs to be streamlined so we can move forward with a coherent and cohesive national policy.
  • Stop the mobilization of troops that is going on now within the USA to be in place to quell civil unrest
  • Make it harder to use the National Guard and the Coast Guard overseas
  • Instigate and support voter protections – we need to have non-partisan support of broad voter rights and a funded process to protect them prior to and during elections.
  • Make corporate tax records transparent so we can better understand how our tax policies affect corporations and how that might be improved – for all of us.

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