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Where is my bailout? Who’s looking out for me?

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I look at all these economic experts and I don’t see anyone who represents me. Where is labor represented? Where are the unions? Where are the folks who can help the underemployed, the self-employed, and the ones who will not get any unemployment benefits? Where are the folks who can advocate for green solutions? Where is the oversight?

I look at this line of smart people and realize the man who said women might naturally have trouble with numbers may be our new Treasury Secretary. And others have backgrounds in Goldman Sachs. Where are the small business leaders? 

Why can’t we attach more strings? Why are the banks not lending? Why are they being allowed to issue dividends and pay executives more and not lend? Why?

The bailouts and rescue plans may be necessary but let’s connect them to where we want to go — connect green to autos — replace management. I read somewhere that Steve Jobs could take over GM and create the iCar. We can’t just keep giving money away to those who obviously don’t know how to use it.

It reminds me of the scorpion and the frog story — the scorpion wants to get across the river but can’t on its own. The frog doesn’t want to carry it across because it’s afraid the scorpion will kill him. The scorpion says that won’t happen because it’s not in his self-interest – if he did sting the frog, the scorpion would die too. So along they go and in the middle of the river, the scorpion stings the frog and the frog asks why. And the scorpion says it’s in his nature — that’s what scorpions do. Why does this remind me of Wall Street right now?

I didn’t buy a house in the last few years because I knew I couldn’t afford it. Now, I’m paying along with everyone else, anyway. I don’t know who’s looking out for me. Where are my advocates?


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