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State of Green Biz in Bay Area – forum

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One of the things I do is volunteer with the Job Forum here in San Francisco and many of our participants want to know about green jobs and the state of green business here in the Bay Area. On February 2nd and others are putting on the 2009 State of Green Business Forum here in San Francisco. 


  • February 2, 2009
  • 9:30 – 3:30
  • PG&E Auditorium
  • 245 Market St.
  • San Francisco, California

Attendees will participate in sessions on:

  • The State of Green Business, 2009 — A presentation by Executive Editor Joel Makower of the trends and metrics on the greening of Corporate America.
  • Innovation as a Green Strategy — How companies are harnessing environmental thinking to create new products, services, and sources of business value.
  • Energy Efficiency Rises Again — The resurgence of interest in efficiency, especially among manufacturers and commercial building owners.
  • Is Water the New Carbon? — How companies are preparing for anticipated disruptions in access to water around the world.
  • The Green Jobs Opportunity — The role of companies and local governments in promoting economic and workforce development.

In another post, I’ll outline the speakers — which look like an interesting cross section from big businesses like IBM and small businesses and Institutes.


Milk is about all of us

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I’ve seen Milk. Twice. The first time was opening day, Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it was raining. I went to the Castro Theater by myself.

I sat in this old movie palace in a crowd of men and women, gay and straight, old and young. Quiet. Waiting. I loved this movie, Both times. The first time, it was more about the story. I didn’t know much about Milk – oh, I knew he was one of the first openly gay men elected to public office and that he had a big big smile and that he and Mayor Moscone were murdered in City Hall and that Diane Feinstein was then President of the Board of Supervisors. I knew there were marches and still are. I think I knew there was a book about him. I knew there was a restaurant on Castro Street called Harvey’s.

I saw the movie twice because there were pieces I didn’t get the first time. There were side stories and complexities that I only caught glimpses of the first time. Why did I like it both times?

The top layer story is interesting and it’s about where I live and the people who have shaped this city. The next layer is about courage. Personal courage – to be who you are, say what you think, take a stand. The next layer was about how you get stuff done in life – how messy the process is; how long it can take; how important a single voice can be.

I came out of the theater wanting to know those people – Cleve Jones and Anne Kronenberg. I wanted to know more – about how they got involved and why. Maybe I’d find out why I seem to be so slow on the political side of things and so far ahead on technology. I have avoided politics almost all my life – my mother was a political junkie and until this year, I certainly was not.

What I saw in Milk was how important politics is. How important the whole process, and it is a process, is. One of the phrases that stands out for me is “It’s not about winning.” It’s not about winning. It’s about standing up. It’s about speaking out. It’s about taking a stand and having conversations. It’s about messy relationships – personal and political and economic.

Now I know for sure I want to add my voice to the discussion – about sustainability, and the multiple bottom line – profit, people, planet. And I see now that I must get more involved… in politics. I must be willing to live a far messier life than I have so far. I must be more vulnerable and more courageous and not worry about winning. Just being in the conversation is critical.

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December 8, 2008 at 6:30 pm

The Ferry Building, San Francisco

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I love adaptive re-use. I love using old buildings for new purposes. I love renovations that honor the old: old craftsmanship, old materials, and old styles. But I also love the new. I often say I want to stay in the Palace Hotel and have my wifi too.

I don’t know exactly how to label what was done to the Ferry Building. I know it was renovated or rehabbed or something. Upgraded, made seismically safer. But what I do know is I love it. I love the marketplace that has been designed into it and has sprung into life. There are so many reasons to go there now and there are so many ways I’m made to feel welcome, invited.

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101 Second, San Francisco

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I want to write about place. I want to write about how my environments affect me. I want to voice my opinion about buildings and cityscapes. And I’m terrified that my thoughts will go into a black hole and no one will pay attention. That what I care about and what I think about what I care about won’t matter.

I have not submitted my ideas to anyone because I felt unqualified. Untrained, Uneducated. Unfamiliar. With the world of the built environment. I knew what I liked and what I didn’t. I thought perhaps I was out of synch with my times.

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June 20, 2008 at 6:17 pm

The de Young museum

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My experience with the new de Young museum has been revelatory, freeing; — it’s been a watershed for me in terms of my appreciation of new buildings.

I really dislike a lot of modern architecture. For a long time I thought I hated all modern architecture; that I was a perfect San Franciscan, focused on the past and unwilling to experiment.

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About place

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I’m going to start posting my articles about place. Place informs me. It informs my writing and it is often what I like about a book or an author’s work. Can I imagine being in that place? Can I smell the flowers or the dirt in the street. Can I feel the cobblestones under my feet? or the heat of the sun in a sere land?

I’m often walking and looking at the spaces between buildings. Or taking a moment to assess how a space affects me. I ride trolleys and busses and underground trains. I love them! I love how they sound. I love the old cars and the new ones. I love the sense of sharing.

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June 15, 2008 at 8:46 pm

Imprints: a meditation

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“I bought more steno pads today. I’ve opened the package and put one in my purse.” I can hear her shift, her clothes sliding against the fabric of her chair. Her breathing. In. Out. As I hold my own breath.

“Okay.” I sigh. ” I’ve started writing in it. I love the pale green paper with the pale rose red stripe. This is dumb. I mean it’s a steno pad.”

Silence. Breathing. A bus on Lexington. A child’s laugher. The maple frames of the tall windows glowing in the afternoon light. The chip on the edge of the door to the small bathroom, showing brown under the white.

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